HAND BUILT classical guitars

Chris Conery, luthier

Boulder, Colorado

I am a builder of traditional classical guitars. A guitar can be built to your specifications, in your choice of woods, 650, 640, or 630 mm scale length, with the action and neck profile designed to compliment your playing style. In addition, there is occasionally an instrument available for inspection and purchase at my shop - check the “Guitars Available Now” page.

Production at my shop is low volume - two to three per year. After over three decades of teaching physics, I took early retirement in 2005 and have since become obsessed with the building of classical guitars. All instruments are built using the finest available woods. My bracing designs are heavily influenced by the great French luthier Daniel Friederich (for cedar tops) and the famous Spanish builder, José Romanillos (for spruce tops).

Workmanship and materials are guaranteed for the duration of my existence as a luthier.

All guitars are finished with a French polish, a time consuming process, but the one that produces the purest acoustics.

The necks are finished with a Danish oil. This brings out the natural beauty of the wood and has a wonderfully smooth feel while playing.

Chris at the 2009 Colorado Custom Guitar Festival in Denver